Thanks for visiting! We’re the Ratcliffe family, and we are creating Cakeable Charlotte, a bakery training program which will provide instruction in job and life skills, employment opportunities, and an inclusive community to people who have disabilities.

This dream is still in the initial stages, as we are searching for kitchen space, building a leadership team, and developing a business plan.

We recently received our status as a charitable organization – 501(c)(3) – so we’re celebrating steps forward! You can find our latest news from A Piece of Cakeable here.

In its bakery setting, Cakeable Charlotte will serve individuals of all abilities by offering job skills training in order to maximize each person’s potential to participate in and contribute to a working community.

In Charlotte, there is a significant gap in the employment rates between working-age people with and without disabilities, and the mission of Cakeable is to combine Renee’s teaching background in special education with her baking expertise in a way that bridges this gap.

The word “capable” is significant to our mission, and “Cakeable,” in our name, is meant to sound similar to “capable.”

As a community which values differing abilities, Cakeable Charlotte strives to become an inclusive, empowering program where every participant gains preparation for employment through customized training in job and baking skills.

Cakeable’s goal is to partner with local organizations and employers to place trainees in work settings where they have the skills and opportunities to demonstrate that they are capable.

When Cakeable has a kitchen in place, our training programs will be funded through revenue from wholesale and custom orders.  By hiring Cakable Charlotte for your baking needs, you will receive quality products while supporting the empowerment of adults of all abilities in our city and letting them know they are indeed valuable and capable.

Currently, as we seek our kitchen space, Cakeable is offering personal training in our kitchen or in the homes of our trainees.  Cakeable is also leading kitchen activities for the teens and adult programs at GiGi’s Playhouse. These programs are purposeful and fun, designed to enhance fine and gross motor skills, language development, attention and listening skills, ability to follow directions, peer interaction, health and wellness, and self-confidence.

If you’d like to know more, please contact us at cakeableclt@gmail.com. We’d love to hear from you!


John, Renee, and Caroline Ratcliffe

Here are pictures of two of our students who have completed Cakeable projects in home kitchens: