Thanks for visiting! We’re the Ratcliffe family, and we are creating a bakery which will provide training in job and life skills, employment opportunities, and an inclusive community to people who have disabilities. This dream is still in the initial stages, as we are searching for kitchen space and applying for nonprofit status.

We’re not able to receive orders or provide training yet, but we’ve written our mission statement as the goal of the community we aspire to be. On our gallery page, you’ll see the cakes, cookies, and cake pops that we’ve created for our family and friends. Baking has also been a way for us to raise funds to participate in 11 mission trips in five years. We’re grateful to God for these opportunities, and we’re asking Him how we might make a difference in our local community with our love for baking and our belief that everyone is capable.

Thanks for dreaming and praying with us.

Our Mission

Cakeable Charlotte is a nonprofit company in Charlotte, North Carolina that utilizes a bakery setting to provide life and job skills to people who face challenges in finding employment. Through baking, we offer personalized training to adults with intellectual disabilities and developmental delays with the goal of enhancing each person’s unique strengths and capability for a rewarding career.

Our Values

We believe in the God-given value, individuality, purpose, competency, and dignity of every person. Our mission and vision are grounded in the sacredness of life and God’s heart for compassion, unity, and relationships.

Our Vision

Out of our value for authentic community, we envision Cakeable Charlotte to be a place which reflects God’s heart to bring everyone in. We hope to create an environment where everyone not only respects differing abilities but rejoices in them.