We are capable at Cakeable!

Welcome! Cakeable is a nonprofit workforce development program for adults who live with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

We offer vocational training and opportunities in our bakery and the Cakeable Café (coming 2023!)

Our mission is to empower people, businesses, and communities to achieve their fullest potential through inclusive environments.

We envision joyfully inclusive communities where EVERY PERSON has the opportunity to experience their God-given value and express their abilities and purpose!

Cakeable Bakery

In the NEWS

We’re happy to be featured in the media, highlighting the abilities of our team members and our mission of inclusive employment!

This Charlotte Cake Shop Offers a Sweet Opportunity for Students with Disabilities

This Charlotte Cake Shop Helps Young People with Disabilities Transition to Adulthood

Cakeable Charlotte Works to Teach Skills to People with Disabilities

Cakeable Serves Hope

Looking into the Work of Cakeable Charlotte

Carolina Impact, Cakeable Charlotte

“I wanted to share how wonderful it was to meet you all this past weekend at the Uptown Farmers Market. Your cherry scones were amazing!! Thank you for recommending them and for baking them. Wow, we eat a lot of scones and the cherry scone was amazing and above average! I cannot wait to see you all at the market again!”

from a happy Cakeable customer

Meet Kendal!

Kendal started at Cakeable in 2020 as a student. After a year of learning the ropes, Kendal became Cakeable’s first paid employee as a production and public relations assistant. In her Cakeable roles, Kendal has starred in a Charlotte SHOUT cooking demonstration on a big stage and has been featured in multiple news stories. However, Kendal’s participation does not stop there. She also volunteers for another local bakery assembling boxes and is described as “a breath of fresh air” by their owner.

“I love my job because I am bringing people together.”

Kendal, Cakeable employee

“As the parents of a post high school graduate with special needs, we know first-hand how few opportunities exist for our daughter for community, social development, work-skill development, and employment. Cakeable has taught our daughter that she is significant, that she is a part of something greater than herself, and that she is ABLE.”  

Cakeable parents

“I have been learning new skills, enjoying baking and cooking with friends, and making connections. I am encouraged by becoming proud of myself and improving every time at my accomplishments.” employee

Hillary, Cakeable employee

“Cakeable has helped our daughter develop those important life skills and discover joy and purpose in the work of creating delicious baked goods. She has learned invaluable lessons and skills that have both immediate and lifelong benefits.”

Cakeable parents


Do you have a bakery storefront?

No, we currently rent hours in a shared commercial kitchen, which is the most affordable option for us at this time, and we do not have bakery cases in store. However, you can find our baked goods at the Uptown Farmers Market on select Saturdays (schedule posted on our social media pages) or at Julia’s Café and Books.

Where will the Cakeable Cafe be located?

We will be located at 401 North Tryon Street in the heart of Uptown Charlotte.  Renovations are expected to be complete sometime in 2023.

When will the Cakeable Café open?

We hope to begin renovations, complete application and interview processes, start our training program, and open sometime in the summer or fall of 2023.

Will the bakery program move to the Cakeable Café location?

No, the Café will not have a baking kitchen; therefore our bakery program will continue to be housed at the Sweet Spot Studio, 4412 Monroe Road.

 Why are you a nonprofit? Doesn’t the bakery and café make money?

The bakery and cafe will make money but due to the increased number of employees required to operate, our payroll will be larger than the typical coffee shop. This means that fundraising is vital to fulfilling our mission.

 How many employees do you expect to hire in the Café?

Our current plan is to hire a General Manager, a Program Manager, and shift managers who are not special needs adults. Our goal is hire at least 30 individuals who live with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

 How can I donate?

It’s easy! Click on the SUPPORT page in our menu and follow the directions for online donations.  

How can I get involved?

Click on the CONTACT page in our menu. There you can share your area of expertise or tell us how you would like to help us fulfill our mission.

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