Sponsor a Class!

You can be a part of equipping and empowering a student by sponsoring his/her baking and job skills lessons. Currently, our classes are one student to one instructor to abide by Covid safety precautions. We work diligently to keep our expenses at a minimum through volunteer staff, plus shopping carefully for ingredients and procuring supplies and equipment through in-kind donations.

Although our kitchen space is rented to us at a very affordable cost compared to local commissary options, rent is our primary expense. We believe that the commercial kitchen space provides benefits that make this a worthy investment for our students. They receive the opportunity to train in a setting that simulates a job experience and to create baked goods that are approved by the NC Department of Agriculture for public distribution.

A $30 donation helps us pay kitchen rent, plus purchase ingredients and packaging supplies for our baked goods.

A $60 donation covers the cost (rent, ingredients, supplies, insurance) of a two-hour class in a commercial kitchen.

A $240 donation covers the cost of one month of classes in a commercial kitchen.